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Brands Need To Consider Platforms Not Products

10th June 2021 Apps, Customer Experience, Data, Digital Transformation, Technology, UX Design


businesses need to be thinking in terms of platforms, not products

Mobile apps have been on the rise in recent years. Apple iOS App Store has nearly 2 million apps, compared to the 500 we saw at their launch in 2005. Apps provide a smooth end-user experience and are designed with speed, flexibility and convenience in mind. They have become such a key part of today’s digital landscape and are now part of businesses development strategy.

Pimento Member Vidatec considers why businesses need to be thinking in terms of platforms not products when it comes to apps. Their article covers:

Data pipelines and the customer experience
  • Businesses are built on data and that data must be refined and optimised to maximise performance. However, many businesses are drowning in data before they’ve even begun.
  • Data and touchpoints should be aligned for the best customer experience, with each channel being updated in real-time (things like availability and distribution times), especially for e-commerce businesses.
  • An app-first approach might make sense from a marketing perspective and will increase brand awareness, but you need to ensure it is aligned with your broader business strategy.
Platforms and app businesses go hand-in-hand
  • App-based businesses, like Uber, are used for flexibility, speed and reliability. But if you looked behind the scenes you will find a platform-based business. Millions of user accounts and records need to be managed, marketing data needs to be gathered and segmented, an entire fleet of drivers and their vehicles need to be managed.
  • If you want your business to grow you need to take a platform-first mentality.

Read Vidatec’s full article here to find out more and see how they can help you develop a cross-platform digital experience on mobile and web.