Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Website

Ebico, the UK’s leading not-for-profit energy provider, commissioned Pimento to review their marketing strategy and develop their marketing plan. The first stage of the work was to deliver branding expertise to improve their competitiveness in the increasingly crowded energy market, plus help position the associated charity Ebico Trust as leading the fight against Fuel Poverty. A new brand identity was developed that could do both these tasks; reflect the ‘customer first’ attitude of the energy company, and allow a spotlight to shine on the considerable ongoing effort by Ebico Trust in tackling fuel poverty. Power for Purpose become the crux of the brand and the visual identity used overlapping circles to represent their core values of Reliable, Responsive and Fair. In tandem to the development of their comprehensive brand guidelines Pimento design and developed a new modern website. It was vital to the brand that the new website delivered an excellent customer experience to be a true reflection of Ebico's new brand values and then, more importantly, to convert visitors into customers. The new custom built website easily completes with the larger peers in the sector. The brand has been adapted to suit the online environment perfectly, with the design responding to mobile and tablet browsers. The final icing on the cake for the client was the attention to detail within the website control panel, which gives Ebico complete control of the website, its content and SEO effort.
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