Franco Dragone

A new identity for an entertainment genius

Franco Dragone is a significant and celebrated creative tour de force within the world of spectacular theatre. His work with Cirque du Soleil spanned 12 years included ten shows, a number of which are still touring the World. In 2001, Dragone formed the Dragone Group creating shows in Las Vegas with Céline Dion and Le Rêve for Steve Wynn. Today, the Dragone Group are going from strength to strength with a multitude of spectacular new shows planned around the World. Pimento was briefed to develop a new brand strategy, identity and positioning for Dragone and its subsidiary companies. Following an extensive brand and cultural audit Pimento presented a number of potential creative routes. Working with such strong creative talents as Franco was never going to be easy but Pimento rose to the challenge to create a fantastic new identity and positioning.
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