InterContinental Hotels Group

EMEA 2010 management and owners conference Cairo - InterContinental Hotels Group

The 2010 Cairo conference presented an entirely new set of challenges. Charged with designing, planning and producing both the four day conference and the spectacular Pyramids sited finale, Pimento organised a VIP home-to-site extravaganza under sometimes difficult circumstances, chief of which included executing a flawless and safe event during heightened political tensions in the run up to the elections. Our remit including international travel, accommodation, conference staffing, content development & management, technical facilities and a gargantuan bespoke Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert. The conference was enormously successful, an eye opening hit - in terms of creativity, production, content and logistics - with almost 100% feedback scores from attendees, this conference has since served as the model for the company’s ambitious non-American top tier meetings.
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