Little learners

Children are a significant force with regards to the choices parents make when it comes to buying a new car. A fact that Mercedes-Benz was keen to explore. Our solution was to script - provide the back story, design costumes, recruit and train the cast - for three characters, a racing driver, Count Hasting Von Rockenfeller, a professor, Otto von Liebich, and TED, our test engineering dummy. Charged with the task of creating a make-believe world, a world that brought to life both the racing history and engineering capabilities of Mercedes, the characters were utterly convincing, funny, intelligent, an absolute hit, and served as real point of meaning for the children. Delighted with the success of our characters, Mercedes were open to further ideas, and so was born Little Learners, a mini-test track for 3 to 6 year olds, replete with Mercedes mini-cars, driving tests and realistic road features. The combining of a make believe world and the chance to actually race has proven so successful that the attraction is booked out during holidays.
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