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Before Peter started working for himself, he spent over 20 years at some of London’s best advertising agencies including WCRS, DDB, BMP and Ogilvy as Head of Art or Creative Director. During that time there’s almost no product category he didn’t work on, from Avis to Zanussi.

He created print ads & posters, websites & banners, T-Shirts & beermats, radio & TV commercials and has won a few awards along the way.

Over the years he’s spent a lot of time working for car companies, numerous financial institutions and recently he’s been working for a few of the world’s biggest, yet unknown, software companies.

Since he’s been working independently, he’s worked for traditional advertising agencies, digital marketing companies, clients directly, and for the past few years for Pimento as part of a team on a variety of interesting marketing problems including a Global Lottery company, an International Scientific publisher and even a campaign for Pimento itself.

And working as long as he has in this increasingly digital business he’s learnt the value of a big idea. He’s also learnt that you don’t always need a big agency to create one.