Interim Chief Marketing Officers (aka CMOs) can bring a wealth of advantages to your business and brand.

Whether it’s filling a gap whilst you hire for a full-time role.

Or maybe you need someone to give your marketing a fresh perspective, set the strategy and anoint and train a Marketing Director to execute the plan.

Maybe you have a project that needs to be managed outside of the BAU.

There are many reasons to hire interim marketing experts, and at Pimento, we can help you find that right person.

The Pimento network is full to the brim of brilliant marketing talent, consultants and senior marketeers looking for interim, contract, part-time, fractional and project briefs, with expertise in most, if not all, categories.

We also partner with Future Work, a leading recruitment agency specialising in digital and marketing jobs, to extend our network further, both here and Internationally.

If you have a brief and could do with some help, please get in touch using the form below and we will arrange a call to better understand your exact requirements.