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Marketing Spice is the podcast by Pimento, the UK’s leading independent marketing and communications network.

In this series, we look at the very latest marketing trends and insights, meet agency leaders across a variety of disciplines, and look at how brands and agencies are adopting to changing trends across every sector.

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Episode 3 – Future of Retail

Retailers and brands are facing increasing pressure to meet the needs of consumers as their behaviours adapt to the changing times. In our latest Podcast, Paddy Woods is joined by Greg Valance from Honey and Neil Yeomans from This is Digital. We explore all aspects of retail and the challenges they currently face across both eCommerce and traditional bricks and mortar. During the episode, our experts provide thinking to support brands across key topics including sustainability and logistical challenges, moving to a d2c brand, social commerce and so much more.

Episode 2 – PR, Social & Influencers

With the continued growth of influencer marketing, what do brands need to be thinking when developing their PR, social and influencer marketing campaigns in 2022? Paddy Woods is joined by Tom Molyneux from KRPT and Kate Gibson from Cirkle, to look at the challenges and opportunities for brands across PR, social and influencer marketing campaigns over the next 12 months. With extra soundbites from Andrew Bloch and Frank PR.

Episode 1 – Digital Transformation

How will brands have to change over the next year? In the first episode of Marketing Spice, host Patrick Woods talks through all aspects of digital transformation, and the challenges ahead for brands. Guests include Jon Reay from Rewrite Digital and Michael Ward from Third Foundation.

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