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Marketing Spice is the podcast by Pimento, a full service agency supported by the UK’s largest community of independent digital & marketing agencies and consultants.

In this series, we look at the very latest marketing trends and insights, meet agency leaders across a variety of disciplines, and look at how brands and agencies are adapting to changing trends across every sector.

SEASON 2 Episode 2 – Understanding Changing Consumer Needs

In the latest episode of PIMENTO MARKETING SPICE, we explore the changing shape of consumer behaviour and what it means for brands. How has the relationship changed with consumers, and what do they now expect from brands? Paddy Woods talks through the changing landscape with Stuart Smith, MD of Mostly Media, and marketing consultant Lee Farrer.

SEASON 2 Episode 1 – Exploring the Metaverse

In this episode, host Paddy Woods explores the Metaverse’s impact on businesses. We are joined by Will Gadsby Peet, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Literal Humans; Tom Maverley, Founder of Maverick Partners; and Charles Stanton, Chief Marketing Officer for Forj, a metaverse company pioneering NFTs for blockchain projects. The panel discusses the Metaverse’s market value, its relevance to brands, practical tactics for entry on a limited budget, and engaging audiences through unique experiences. They also delve into the role of NFTs and decentralised IP, offering advice for businesses looking to explore the Metaverse. Don’t miss this enlightening episode, uncovering the Metaverse’s potential and providing valuable insights for brands.

Episode 6 – Marketing in a Recession

In this episode, we’re diving into the challenges facing consumers, brands and agencies as we teeter on the edge of a recession. When looking at the news, it’s pretty much all bad at the moment, but in this episode, Paddy Woods, Pimento’s Head of Marketing & New Business, speaks to agency experts – Jon Goulding, Director of Atomic, Katherine Spence, Partner at Pagefield, and William Mould, Co-founder and Managing Director of XYZ – to explore what brands can be doing to maintain trust, build authenticity and look at how to shift products to become a necessity in the consumer mind.

Episode 5 – Travel, Tourism & Leisure Marketing Trends

We talk to Jon Walton from Spike Insights and Avvy Phul from the Barter Consultancy, and feature a soundbite from Si Muddell at Woven Agency, about the world of travel and tourism. This is an area that has been second guessing for the last two years on what is going to happen. We saw around 23 airlines collapse because of Covid, and TUI make losses of over £1.8bn. But on the flipside, we saw staycations grow by 33% and we saw the hashtag ‘Staycation’ receive over 800 million views on TikTok. And the world is changing again as restrictions begin to get lifted and consumers look to travel again.  So, what should travel companies be thinking about right now, as they look at their strategies for the future?

Episode 4 – The Future of Food & Drink, Connecting with the Consumer

Paddy Woods speaks to Paul Hannagen from Gastronomic Agency and Chris Thornhill from Growth Animals, to delve deeper into some of the key areas that brands need to be focussing on in the year ahead when marketing for the Food & Drink industry. This sector has seen huge shifts in consumer behaviour since the start of the pandemic and is continuing to do so as buyers look at different needs across; health and wellbeing, sustainability agendas, indulgence, comfort, convenience and transparency. We also heard soundbites from Judith Doherty at Simple Usability and David Law at Someone.

Episode 3 – Future of Retail

Retailers and brands are facing increasing pressure to meet the needs of consumers as their behaviours adapt to the changing times. In our latest Podcast, Paddy Woods is joined by Greg Vallance from Honey and Neil Yeomans from This is Digital. We explore all aspects of retail and the challenges they currently face across both eCommerce and traditional bricks and mortar. During the episode, our experts provide thinking to support brands across key topics including sustainability and logistical challenges, moving to a d2c brand, social commerce and so much more.

Episode 2 – PR, Social & Influencers

With the continued growth of influencer marketing, what do brands need to be thinking when developing their PR, social and influencer marketing campaigns in 2022? Paddy Woods is joined by Tom Molyneux from KRPT and Kate Gibson from Cirkle, to look at the challenges and opportunities for brands across PR, social and influencer marketing campaigns over the next 12 months. With extra soundbites from Andrew Bloch and Frank PR.

Episode 1 – Digital Transformation

How will brands have to change over the next year? In the first episode of Marketing Spice, host Patrick Woods talks through all aspects of digital transformation, and the challenges ahead for brands. Guests include Jon Reay from Rewrite Digital and Michael Ward from Third Foundation.

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