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Encapsulating 30 years of a brand's journey into a dynamic animated brand video

Disciplines covered

Content • Direct Marketing • Social • Social Media Assets • Video Production

Pimento Member Agency, Studio Magenta, was thrilled to undertake a project commemorating the 30th anniversary of Admiral, a flagship enterprise and a beacon of innovation originating from Wales.

This project was not just another assignment; it was an opportunity for Studio Magenta, a Cardiff-based animation firm, to celebrate three decades of a company known for prioritising its workforce, through the powerful medium of animation.

The Challenge

The task was to encapsulate 30 years of Admiral’s journey, marked by continuous innovation and expansion, into a dynamic animated brand video.

The goal was to resonate with and inspire Admiral’s broad audience spectrum, including 11,000 staff, 9 million customers, and numerous shareholders.

The challenge lay in crafting a narrative that would weave through three decades of milestones, culture, and evolution, effectively engaging viewers and prompting them to engage with Admiral’s offerings or join its ranks.

Our approach

Embracing the challenge, Studio Magenta delved into Admiral’s storied history, blending archival photos and footage with newly created visuals and animations.

This mixed-media approach aimed to reflect Admiral’s ethos — a blend of professional achievements and a deep commitment to a people-first philosophy.

Through collaborative workshops with Admiral’s Communications team, Studio Magenta developed a storyboard that balanced nostalgia with relevance, corporate success with human stories, and innovation with Admiral’s enduring values. The production phase involved meticulous planning, filming, and animation, culminating in a unique animation style that embodied Admiral’s vibrant spirit.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Animation & Design
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Strategy


The outcome was a masterful 90-second animated video that premiered internally before making waves on Admiral’s digital platforms.

Accompanied by social media edits and still images, the video effectively showcased Admiral’s 30-year legacy of growth, innovation, and people-centric culture.

This project not only celebrated a significant milestone but also reinforced Admiral’s brand identity, engaging a diverse audience and fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

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