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Refining the digital marketing strategy to create a seamless online to physical in-store experience

Disciplines covered

Digital Marketing • PPC • SEO

Pimento member This Is Digital was tasked with a multi-faceted project for American Golf, aimed at enhancing SEO visibility and boosting the performance of Paid Search & Shopping efforts.

The objective was to not only refine the digital marketing strategy but also to create a seamless integration between online initiatives and physical in-store experiences.

The Challenge

The primary challenge involved amplifying American Golf’s online presence while addressing the unique nature of their high-value products, which often require personalised adjustments to meet individual customer needs.

The project demanded a sophisticated approach that would not limit the strategy to purely online sales but also encourage in-store interactions, such as click + collect services, custom fitting appointments and direct purchases from in-store kiosks.

Our approach

This Is Digital implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompassed Technical SEO, On-Page enhancements and Link Building efforts. Additionally, they restructured shopping campaigns and integrated feed optimisation software, transitioning all campaigns to Smart Bidding to maximise efficiency and reach.

To bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences, they introduced an omnichannel tracking solution that captured interactions across web platforms, mobile apps and in-store kiosks. This innovative system enabled them to monitor the impact of digital marketing activities on physical store sales, providing insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Specialised campaigns were also launched to drive customers to physical stores for exclusive products and personalised services, such as custom fitting and golf lessons, which could not be facilitated online.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Data Analytics & Insight


The strategic initiatives spearheaded by This Is Digital markedly improved American Golf’s digital footprint, leading to:

increase in SEO visibility

enhancement in cost per acquisition (CPA)

The implementation of omnichannel tracking allowed for a deeper understanding of customer interactions across platforms, demonstrating the significant impact of digital campaigns on in-store sales. This holistic view of the customer journey has been instrumental in optimising campaign performance and maximising customer lifetime value.

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