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Overhauling an Amazon Seller account to enhance operational efficiency.

Disciplines covered

Amazon • E-Commerce

RT7 Digital was commissioned by Bergner, a distinguished provider of affordable luxury kitchenware, to overhaul their Amazon Seller account and enhance operational efficiency.

Known for their dedication to bringing professional culinary experiences into home kitchens, Bergner required a sophisticated approach to their online sales strategies to match their brand ethos and meet the intricate needs of home chefs.

The Challenge

Bergner faced multiple challenges with their Amazon operations that were impeding their market performance and customer satisfaction. These included:

  • Revamping their Seller account to clear existing compliance issues.
  • Establishing robust inventory management processes that interfaced effectively with their third-party logistics (3PL) software.
  • Streamlining the management of buyer communications to enhance customer service.
  • Adapting internal procedures for handling refunds and returns.
  • Managing and optimising Vendor Account Purchase Orders and new ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) creation.
  • Enhancing their ASIN variation management and improving the content upload and ticketing process for better product visibility.

Our approach

RT7 Digital’s Operations team developed tailored internal processes to address each of Bergner’s challenges. Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Implementing robust inventory management systems tailored to Bergner’s logistical requirements.
  • Establishing clear, effective protocols for managing buyer communications and handling refunds and returns, emphasising operational fluidity and customer satisfaction.
  • Overhauling the ASIN creation and variation management processes to ensure accurate product listings and variations.
  • Upgrading the content management and ticketing processes to enhance the visibility and appeal of Bergner’s product listings on Amazon.

Regular strategy sessions and progress meetings with Bergner ensured continuous alignment with their goals, fostering a collaborative relationship that enabled iterative improvements and innovative solutions.


  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Amazon
  • Content and Digital Asset Management


The partnership with RT7 Digital profoundly transformed Bergner’s Amazon operations, achieving:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and compliance within the Amazon ecosystem.
  • Improved customer communication processes, leading to better customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Streamlined management of inventory and order processes, significantly reducing errors and delays.
  • Successful integration and management of new and existing ASINs, improving product visibility and sales.

This project not only revitalised Bergner’s Amazon presence but also provided valuable insights and development opportunities for RT7 Digital’s team, showcasing their ability to adapt and excel in dynamic e-commerce environments.

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