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Developing a cutting-edge mobile app designed to transform the way visitors explore Stonehenge

Disciplines covered

App Development

English Heritage, in its pursuit of innovation and enhanced visitor engagement, sought a partnership with a forward-thinking agency capable of revolutionising the traditional visitor experience at its historic sites.

The aim was to transition from conventional on-site audio tours to a modern, user-driven “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) approach.

The Challenge

At the heart of this initiative was Stonehenge, one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage site, drawing over 1.6 million global visitors annually.

The challenge was to craft a digital solution that not only enriched the visitor experience but also respected the unique historical significance of Stonehenge, making its wonders accessible to a contemporary, tech-savvy audience without compromising the site’s integrity.

Our approach

Pimento Member, Imagineear, emerged victorious in a competitive public tender issued by English Heritage, tasked with the development of a cutting-edge mobile app designed to transform the way visitors explore Stonehenge.


  • App Design
  • App Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile Design and Development
  • Content Strategy & Development

Our approach was multifaceted:

  • Innovative App Design: We created an interactive app that catered to the varied demographics of Stonehenge visitors. This app provided seamless access to multimedia content, detailed site information, and interactive maps, all designed to enhance the visitor’s journey through the ancient landscape.
  • Multilingual Content Production: In collaboration with English Heritage, our team produced rich audiovisual content available in 12 languages, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive experience for international visitors.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Focus: A comprehensive review of app accessibility was conducted, leading to the development of an Audio Descriptive version of the app, specifically tailored for blind and partially sighted guests. This was achieved through meticulous consultation and the integration of smartphone accessibility features.
  • Future-Ready Design: The app was developed not only with the present in mind but also for future expansion. It was designed to accommodate content from other English Heritage sites, laying the groundwork for a broader application of the BYOD model across the organisation.

Outcomes and Impact

The launch of the new Stonehenge audio app marked a significant milestone in English Heritage’s digital transformation journey. The app, praised for its intuitive design and accessibility features, represents a significant leap forward in making heritage sites more accessible and engaging for all visitors. The inclusion of an Audio Descriptive tour, a first for Stonehenge, underscored Imagineear’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

Jennifer Davies, Head of Historic Properties for Stonehenge, expressed excitement about the app’s launch, highlighting its role in redefining how visitors connect with the site’s ancient mysteries.

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