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Infusing modernity and excitement into a brand without compromising its enduring warmth, love, and heritage.

Disciplines covered

Brand Development • Brand Positioning • Design • Merchandising • Social • Social Media Assets

Honey was entrusted with the task of rejuvenating the Hovis® brand, a staple in British households since 1886, renowned for its rich heritage in baking bread.

Our mission was to refresh the visual identity of Hovis®, including designs for both existing and new product lines, such as the brand’s inaugural venture outside of bread products into the realm of premium all-day brunch muffins.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lay in infusing modernity and excitement into the brand’s presentation without compromising its enduring warmth, love and heritage.

This task was particularly nuanced for the launch of the first non-bread product by Hovis®, demanding a design strategy that would ensure product distinction within its category, effectively communicate product benefits, and simultaneously resonate with the traditional values of the Hovis® brand.

Our approach

Hovis® Muffins

For Hovis®’s foray into brunch muffins, Honey developed designs that broke away from traditional bread-centric visuals. They introduced a contemporary flair by removing the logo from its usual loaf-shaped enclosure, opting for bold, dark colours and appetising product photography to elevate perceived quality and drive impulse purchases.

Hovis® Bake at home Honey Pimento

Hovis® Bake at Home

To inspire at-home baking, Honey crafted an animated guide shared on Hovis®’s social media platforms. This guide blended illustrations, photography, and textures into a playful collage, ensuring clarity and ease of following baking instructions.

Hovis® Nimble

The Nimble® loaf packaging was revitalised to clarify information hierarchy while maintaining brand elements. By highlighting calorie content and aligning the logo with the broader range, Honey modernised the iconic Nimble® packaging and improved customer message navigation.

Hovis Nimble Pimento Honey

Hovis® Lower Carb

For the Lower Carb Seeded & Wholemeal loaves, Honey simplified the pack design to enhance shelf standout and product understanding. The redesign retained ties to the core range through the iconic logo, employing vibrant product colours and an enlarged ‘window’ for better visibility and freshness indication.


The collaboration between Honey and Hovis® has significantly modernised the brand’s visual identity across various product lines, achieving a delicate balance between innovation and tradition. The refreshed designs have not only elevated the brand’s aesthetic appeal but have also facilitated clearer communication of product benefits, contributing to a positive reception among consumers and a strengthened market position for Hovis®.


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