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Building a resilient crisis management framework

Disciplines covered

Communications • PR

Pimento Member Agency Pagefield collaborated with Innocent Drinks, a company renowned for its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, particularly within its complex and international supply chains.

The task was to refine and enhance Innocent Drinks’ crisis preparedness to safeguard its esteemed reputation amidst the challenges posed by its global operations.

The Challenge

Innocent Drinks operates within a landscape that demands meticulous attention to labour practices and supply chain management, making the need for a robust and efficient crisis management strategy paramount.

Recognising the potential vulnerabilities inherent in its international supply chains, Innocent Drinks sought Pagefield’s expertise to conduct a comprehensive review of its crisis preparedness measures, aiming to fortify its ability to respond swiftly and effectively in the face of potential crises.

Our approach

Pagefield embarked on an exhaustive initial assessment phase, evaluating Innocent Drinks’ existing crisis management frameworks and conducting interviews with key internal stakeholders to assess their familiarity with and readiness for crisis situations. This groundwork enabled the drafting of a sophisticated crisis manual tailored to address multiple scenarios across different countries. The manual was then reviewed with Innocent Drinks’ crisis response team.

Following the manual’s initial formulation, Pagefield orchestrated an immersive half-day crisis simulation workshop. This session assembled key business leaders to actively engage with a staged crisis, testing their reactions to real-time developments, including simulated interactions with journalists and key external stakeholders.


  • Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Strategy


The comprehensive audit and crisis simulation workshop spearheaded by Pagefield illuminated critical insights into areas of vulnerability within Innocent Drinks’ existing crisis management strategy.

These findings informed subsequent revisions to the crisis manual, ensuring Innocent Drinks possesses a thoroughly vetted and robust plan to navigate future crises confidently.

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