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Transforming a youth employability initiative into a tangible experience

Disciplines covered


The Park was tasked with an exhilarating project for KFC’s youth employability initiative, Hatch, aimed at offering young individuals equitable opportunities to jumpstart their careers.

The challenge was to transform this vision into a tangible experience that would resonate with and empower the youth, aptly named The Kentucky Club.

The Challenge

KFC aimed to broaden the impact of their Hatch initiative by creating a platform that not only raised awareness about youth employability but also actively engaged young people from diverse backgrounds.

The objective was to create an event that would provide valuable learning experiences and foster skills development, ensuring participants felt better prepared for the workplace.

Our approach

The Park conceptualised and launched The Kentucky Club as a dynamic, one-day event held in Birmingham, designed as an exclusive yet inclusive members’ club for young people.

The venue offered a series of empowering talks and workshops, alongside opportunities for speed mentoring and interactions with key partner organisations. Complementary customised merchandise and engaging activities were also provided to enhance the experience. This multifaceted approach aimed to inspire, educate, and prepare attendees for their first job opportunities, all within a supportive and enjoyable environment.


  • Event Marketing
  • Brand Activation
  • Youth Engagement Strategies
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Planning and Execution


The Kentucky Club was a resounding success:

  • 100% of attendees reported enjoyment and expressed interest in future events.
  • 74% of participants acquired new skills from the event.
  • 81% left feeling more equipped and confident about entering the job market.

Feedback from attendees and stakeholders, including Shaffra Gray – Read, Senior Reputation Manager at KFC UK & Ireland, highlighted the joy and engagement of the young people, as well as the meticulous planning that placed their needs at the forefront of the event.

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