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Orchestrating a grand celebration of Nike Women's latest lifestyle range during Paris Couture Week.

Disciplines covered

Events • Influencer Marketing • PR • Social

XYZ (now 160/90) orchestrated the “Goddess Awakened” event, a grand celebration of Nike Women’s latest lifestyle range during Paris Couture Week.

This event showcased the collective power of womanhood through movement, style, and self-expression, in collaboration with renowned choreographer and Nike partner, Parris Goebel.

The Challenge

XYZ were tasked with managing a live event that not only resonated with the themes of empowerment and victory but also ensured a seamless experience for guests and participants alike.

The event required XYZ to produce a memorable entrance, precise coordination of rehearsal spaces, and flawless execution of the show, which included nearly 15 outfit changes, reflecting the essence of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Our approach

To meet these challenges, XYZ planned and managed all logistical aspects of the event, from guest experiences to technical requirements for performances.

Influencer coordination with Parris Goebel was crucial, ensuring her vision for a 40-minute performance that involved more than 30 Nike athletes and partners was brought to life effectively.

The performance was designed to be more than a dance; it was a narrative journey through love, grief, and power, encapsulating the spirit of collective female strength.


  • Event Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing


The event was a monumental success, marking a new era for Nike Women in high-quality couture clothing.

The collaboration with Parris Goebel not only elevated Nike’s brand but also significantly boosted its market presence.

The event’s impact was magnified through extensive media coverage from major outlets like Vogue, Hypebeast, and Dazed, and further amplified by celebrity guests who shared the event on social media.

The performance resonated widely, with Goebel’s Instagram post about the event reaching 6 million views in the week following, demonstrating the powerful connection made with audiences globally.

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