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Revamping a Football Club's visual and verbal identity

Disciplines covered

Brand Development • Brand Positioning • Design • Marketing Strategy • Strategy

SomeOne™, a Pimento Member Agency, were commissioned to revamp the club’s visual and verbal identity.

They took on the challenge to reimagine every aspect of Norwich City FC’s BrandWorld, spanning from print to digital mediums and from home appearances to away matches.

The Challenge

The directive was to create a branding system that was not only visually striking but also rich in meaning and narrative.

This system needed to resonate across all touchpoints, ensuring a coherent and impactful brand presence that paid tribute to the rich history and industry of Norwich and its environs, notably its weaving heritage.

Our approach

Drawing inspiration from the historical influx of ‘The Strangers’ in the 16th century — skilled weavers from the low countries — SomeOne™ crafted a digital tapestry concept.

This innovative approach modernises the traditional weaving techniques, allowing for a branding solution that adapts from grand stadium graphics to instant goal updates on mobile devices seamlessly.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Typography & Typeface Design
  • Visual Identity System
  • Sports Marketing

A bespoke typeface, influenced by the art of weaving, was developed in partnership with Colophon Foundry. This typeface variation caters to diverse branding needs, from commanding attention to displaying refined elegance. It’s set in various two-tone colourways, offering the in-house design team a versatile and user-friendly typographic tool.

Notably, this initiative also introduced the opportunity for the club to feature this bespoke font on the back of shirts during friendlies and cup competitions, a first for the club, enhancing fan engagement through personalised replica kits for the 2022/23 season.


The reimagined crest and comprehensive BrandWorld received overwhelming acclaim, with Gavin Beard, Head of Marketing at NCFC, praising SomeOne™ for its exceptional work across all fronts.

The reveal of the updated crest alone garnered 89% positive sentiment from an impressive 78 million potential impressions, a testament to the thoughtful and resonant brand evolution led by SomeOne™.

This successful roll-out has not only solidified Norwich City FC’s identity but also set a precedent for branding within the sports industry.

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