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Transformative SEO on the cusp of a major technological shift

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Studiohawk, a Pimento member SEO agency, embarked on a transformative journey with Officeworks, one of Australia’s premier retail giants, to enhance their website’s SEO performance.

Faced with a daunting challenge from the outset, our team not only navigated through an unforeseen obstacle but also surpassed the initial goals set by Officeworks, delivering results that exceeded all expectations.

The challenge

Upon first engagement, Officeworks was on the cusp of implementing a major technological shift to ReactJS for their website—a move that, without Studiohawk’s intervention, could have significantly impacted their organic traffic negatively. The objectives were clear yet ambitious:

  • Increase Officeworks’ organic revenue by 8% within 12 months: A target Studiohawk not only achieved but exceeded, reaching a remarkable 29% increase.
  • Empower Officeworks’ digital team: Educate and guide them in restructuring their online content with SEO best practices in mind.
  • Cement the role of SEO in business strategy: Highlight the critical importance of SEO to the executive team at Officeworks.

The impending ReactJS transition presented an immediate challenge, risking a significant drop in site traffic if not handled correctly.

Our approach

Studiohawk leveraged its deep expertise in SEO to avert the potential crisis posed by the ReactJS migration and implemented a series of strategic and technical enhancements:


  • SEO
  • SEO Migration
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical SEO for React: Provided crucial assistance in making ReactJS SEO-friendly, ensuring JavaScript was pre-rendered and that the launch would proceed without manual issues.
  • Content Strategy Overhaul: Developed comprehensive, authoritative buying and brand guides, alongside creating frameworks and templates for consistent roll-out by Officeworks.
  • Innovative Payment Solutions: Recommended and assisted with the implementation of modern payment options like Zip and Afterpay to improve user experience and conversion rates.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Studiohawk and Officeworks yielded extraordinary outcomes:

  • Organic Traffic Growth: Witnessed a significant year-on-year increase in organic traffic, far beyond the initial projections.
  • Internal Collaboration: Gained the trust and collaboration of Officeworks’ executive staff, ensuring a cohesive approach to SEO across the company.
  • SEO Strategy and Training: Successfully educated Officeworks’ internal digital teams on SEO strategy and implementation, fostering a knowledgeable environment.
  • Continued Partnership: Studiohawk has remained the SEO agency of choice for Officeworks, reflecting the enduring value and impact of their work.

Enterprise SEO Excellence: Demonstrated our capability to scale our SEO services to meet the demands of enterprise-level clients, delivering strategic solutions that drive substantial business growth.

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