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Creating a lead-generating social media strategy to acquire property investors, architects and development firms.

Disciplines covered

Digital Marketing • Direct Marketing • Segmentation • Social

When the prestigious property investment group Qandor sought expertise to expand their membership, Pimento Member Twenty-One Twelve Marketing, we were eager to demonstrate the power of targeted marketing strategies.

The Challenge

Qandor aimed to engage a highly exclusive audience: top-tier property investors, architects, and development firms engaged in transactions exceeding £10 million, with a particular focus on decision-makers orchestrating deals above £100 million.

The primary hurdle was penetrating the robust layers of gatekeepers to initiate meaningful conversations with these elusive individuals.

Our approach

Recognising the influential status of Qandor’s founders within the property sector, Twenty-One Twelve Marketing undertook an in-depth analysis of their social media presence. This scrutiny revealed a founder with over 10,000 LinkedIn connections, of which 4,000 aligned with our target demographic, including 1,000 high-value prospects. Leveraging this insight, we crafted a hyper-personalised outreach campaign, transcending conventional sales pitches to offer an invitation to an elite property investment community. This nuanced approach ensured that our communication resonated deeply with the intended audience, positioning Qandor as a gateway to unparalleled investment opportunities.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media
  • Content


The campaign engineered by 2112 Marketing delivered exceptional results within an astonishing timeframe of under two months:

  • A surge of 8,000 new followers across various platforms.
  • Generation of 164 sales-qualified leads.

Moreover, the overwhelming response to the campaign propelled Qandor beyond their initial membership goals, culminating in a burgeoning waiting list of potential members and partner brands eager to engage with their exclusive club.

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