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Disciplines covered

PR • Social • Website Design • Website Development

Pimento members help to spread global awareness for the right for girls and women to decide. This led to an 830% increase in people pledging their support.

SheDecides is a movement which is advancing the fundamental right of girls and women everywhere to decide and have full autonomy of their bodies.

They wanted to obtain a significant share of the conversation, while collaborating with and amplifying the brilliant work other organisations were already doing.

They appointed two Pimento members, Crush and Pagefield through a pitch process to work together and complete a website design and build, PR and social.

The launch of the website saw an unprecedented level of engagement with more people around the world pledging their support so women and girls can have the power to decide what they want to do with their body, life and future.

Campaign Highlights:

The 8 Week Challenge 10,000+ new website users | 830% increase of new manifesto signatories

SheDecides Day 2019 9 pieces of global media coverage | 89% increase of new user traffic | 2,874 new users.

Virtual SheDecides Day 2020  12 pieces of media coverage across 4 continents | Online engagement increased by 200% on Facebook | 70,000 + impressions on Twitter