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Tracking perceptions amongst stakeholders to inform and develop the annual strategy action plan

Disciplines covered

Research • Strategy

In an era marked by rapid changes in public transport dynamics and policy frameworks, Stagecoach embarked on a strategic initiative to deepen its understanding of its reputation among key stakeholders with Pimento Member Savanta.

This endeavour aimed at assessing attitudes towards pertinent transport policy issues, thereby equipping Stagecoach with the insights needed to refine its organisational strategy and enhance partnerships during a transformative period.

The Challenge

Stagecoach sought to meticulously evaluate its standing among key stakeholders, alongside gauging their attitudes towards significant transport policy matters. This initiative was essential for informing Stagecoach’s strategic direction at a juncture of considerable evolution within the transport sector.

Given its extensive collaboration with a broad spectrum of organisations, including local and national governments, comprehending these stakeholders’ perspectives was vital for Stagecoach to maintain and bolster its collaborative efficacy.

Our Approach

Savanta has been at the forefront of conducting comprehensive stakeholder research for Stagecoach since 2019, adapting their methodologies to align with the evolving objectives of each project phase. Our latest research endeavour entailed deploying an online survey and facilitating in-depth telephone interviews with stakeholders from local and combined authorities, transport organisations, and government entities.

The design of the online survey and discussion guides was intricately tailored to capture a holistic view of Stagecoach’s image, performance evaluations, and stakeholder views on key issues, including the company’s response to COVID-19, sustainability efforts, and communication practices.


  • Data Analytics
  • Data Planning
  • Research
  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Insight

The Outcome

Through successive waves of research, Savanta has consistently furnished Stagecoach with detailed insights into stakeholders’ perceptions, offering a clear roadmap for how Stagecoach can enhance its reputation and strategically position itself amidst the evolving landscape.

These insights have been pivotal in shaping Stagecoach’s strategy and communications, particularly as the transport industry progresses towards adopting post-COVID-19 operational models, ensuring that Stagecoach remains in step with stakeholder expectations and industry shifts.

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