The Role of the CMO Has Never Been More Critical

The role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has never been more critical. As businesses navigate through digital transformation, changing consumer behaviours and the aftermath of economic challenges, the need for strategic marketing leadership is paramount.

However, finding the right full-time Chief Marketing Officer can be a time-consuming process, fraught with the risk of leaving a strategic vacuum at the top of the marketing department. This is where the concept of an interim CMO becomes not just beneficial, but essential.

Filling the Leadership Gap

The primary advantage of bringing in an interim CMO is the immediate impact of having a seasoned executive fill the leadership void. This stop-gap solution ensures that the company’s marketing efforts continue to run smoothly without the disruption that can occur when a key position is left vacant. An experienced interim CMO can keep the momentum going, steering marketing strategies and campaigns in the right direction while the search for a full-time candidate is underway.

Objective Perspective & Strategic Insights

Interim CMOs bring a fresh and objective perspective to the table. Often, they come with a wealth of experience from working across various industries and brands, which can be invaluable in offering new insights and strategies. Their external viewpoint can help in identifying challenges and opportunities that may not have been apparent from the inside. This can lead to innovative approaches and solutions that drive the business forward, even in a temporary capacity.

Flexibility & Speed

Hiring an interim CMO offers flexibility and speed that the process of recruiting a full-time CMO may not. The urgency to fill the position can often lead to rushed decisions, but an interim solution provides the breathing space to conduct a thorough search for the right permanent hire. It allows companies to be more deliberate and strategic in their selection process, ensuring that the chosen candidate is the best fit for the long-term goals of the business.


Contrary to what some may believe, hiring an interim CMO can be cost-effective. It eliminates the urgency to fill a permanent position, which can sometimes lead to higher salaries or compromise in candidate quality. Additionally, interim CMOs are typically hired for a specific purpose or project, meaning their costs are often project-based or for a fixed term, providing clarity and control over marketing budgets.

Ensuring Continuity & Transition

One of the critical roles of an interim CMO is to ensure continuity. They can maintain the momentum of existing marketing campaigns and strategies, ensuring that the company’s brand presence and market position do not suffer. Furthermore, when the time comes to transition to the full-time CMO, they play a pivotal role in onboarding and handing over, ensuring a smooth transition that maintains the integrity of the marketing department’s strategic direction.

The decision to hire an interim CMO should be seen as a strategic move, one that safeguards the marketing department’s momentum and strategic direction while the search for a full-time CMO is conducted. It’s a decision that offers flexibility, brings in fresh insights and ensures the continuity of marketing leadership, all of which are vital for businesses striving to maintain competitive advantage in the current market. As businesses continue to face unprecedented changes and challenges, the role of an interim CMO could well be the linchpin in ensuring sustained marketing success during transitional periods.


At Pimento, we have been helping businesses with their marketing for 19 years, bringing in bespoke teams, consultants, connecting clients with agencies and placing interim CMO roles. We have a community of experienced and senior marketing professionals who are available for consultancy work or for interim and fractional roles.

If you need support with your marketing, no matter the size of your business and brief, we will have someone who can help.

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