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Enhancing the brand reputation of Britain’s flag carrier

Disciplines covered

Communications • PR

Pagefield partnered with British Airways during a pivotal moment in its history – the celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Tasked with enhancing the airline’s reputation and effectively communicating its ambitious multi-billion-pound investment strategy, the mission was to reaffirm British Airways’ status as a leading figure in the aviation industry amidst its centennial year.

The Challenge

British Airways faced the dual challenge of navigating through a period marked by significant public scrutiny while also seeking to spotlight its century-long legacy of innovation and global connectivity.

The airline engaged Pimento Member Pagefield to craft a strategic communications plan that would not only address recent challenges but also lay the groundwork for future growth, highlighting its commitment to investment and sustainability.

Our approach

Pagefield’s strategy encompassed a multifaceted campaign designed to showcase British Airways as a forward-thinking leader in aviation.

Pagefield initiated three progressive campaigns focused on sustainable aviation fuels, emerging technologies, and evolving work practices – each aimed at positioning British Airways at the forefront of industry innovation.

Furthermore, to celebrate the centenary in a manner that resonated with both consumers and aviation enthusiasts, they advised on nostalgic initiatives, including the re-painting of aircraft in iconic liveries.

A comprehensive stakeholder engagement programme was also developed for CEO Alex Cruz, targeting key journalists to foster an understanding and appreciation of the airline’s investment and vision for the future.


  • Executive Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Brand Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Relations


The centenary campaigns orchestrated by Pagefield achieved remarkable success, securing extensive national media coverage and facilitating positive dialogues with government bodies regarding the future of sustainable aviation.

Through strategic media engagements, CEO Alex Cruz effectively communicated the airline’s investment plans across major platforms, including the BBC and Sky News, reinforcing British Airways’ commitment to innovation and customer service excellence during its landmark year.

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