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Enhancing brand recognition with an inventive out-of-home advertising campaign

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Pimento Member Agency Mostly Media is proud to recount their strategic involvement in elevating brand visibility and amplifying sales for a distinguished client in 2021.

Tasked with the ambitious goal of enhancing brand recognition across the UK, their team embarked on an inventive out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign that spanned an eclectic mix of formats and locations.

The Challenge

The core objective laid before Mostly Media was twofold: significantly boost brand awareness and drive a marked increase in sales figures.

To achieve these aims, a multifaceted OOH campaign was envisioned, one that would need to creatively leverage a variety of advertising formats and environments, including roadside billboards, public transport advertisements, underground stations and select premier locations, to make a memorable impact.

Our approach

Mostly Media’s strategy was to deploy an extensive OOH advertising campaign, meticulously planned to ensure maximum exposure across a diverse range of high-traffic venues. The campaign creatively utilised roadside billboards, public transport ads, underground station displays, and strategically chosen high-impact sites, known as ‘Hero sites’, to captivate a broad audience.

Each chosen format and location was integral to weaving a consistent and compelling narrative that resonated with the public and magnified the brand’s presence in the everyday lives of potential customers.


  • Out-of-Home Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Creative Strategy
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimisation


The campaign orchestrated by Mostly Media achieved remarkable results, generating a significant uplift in brand awareness and a surge in sales.

This success was not only felt in the immediate commercial gains for the brand but also recognised within the industry, as the campaign was honoured as a finalist in the prestigious 2022 Drum Out Of Home Awards. This accolade underscored the campaign’s innovative approach and its effectiveness in achieving the set objectives.

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