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Revitalising David Lloyd Clubs' Engagement with Health-Oriented Content

Disciplines covered

Content • Copy Writing • Data Analytics • Digital Marketing • Social • Social Media Assets • Video Production

David Lloyd Clubs, facing stiff competition in the gym and fitness sector, sought to enhance engagement and traffic via a content-driven blog that would resonate with their members and boost overall interaction.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for David Lloyd was to create captivating, useful content for their blog that would not only engage current members but also provide significant added value, thus reinforcing member loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Approach

DAC Group proposed a dynamic content strategy focusing on the interests and lifestyles of David Lloyd members. The plan was to produce a series of recipe videos hosted by celebrity chef Theo Michaels, known for his engaging personality and culinary expertise. This content aimed to promote healthier lifestyle choices through easy and quick recipes suitable for busy individuals.

Implementation Details:

  • Video Production: Collaborating closely with Theo Michaels, DAC Group scripted, filmed, and produced several recipe videos showcasing the preparation and final presentation of each dish.
  • Content Development for Blog: Post-production, the team prepared comprehensive blog posts featuring narrated videos of the cooking process, high-quality images of the dishes, and detailed recipes.
  • Social Media Promotion: To maximise exposure, DAC Group crafted condensed versions of the videos for social media platforms like Facebook, supported by both organic posts and targeted paid advertising campaigns aimed at existing David Lloyd Club members.


  • Content Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Audience Engagement Analysis


The content strategy successfully increased user engagement and traffic to David Lloyd Clubs’ blog, with significant positive feedback from the community:

  • Over 50,000 completed views of the recipe videos.
  • More than 1,300 sessions on the blog, indicating high interest in the content.
  • Over 500 interactions on Facebook, demonstrating effective social media engagement.

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