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Heightening Handball's profile with Influencer Marketing

Disciplines covered

Content • Influencer Marketing • Social • Social Media Assets

The European Handball Federation, the authoritative body for handball across Europe, embarked on a strategic collaboration with DAZN and each&everyone to initiate the “Handball Diaries” campaign.

This initiative was designed to honour the achievements of premier handball athletes, heighten the sport’s profile, and celebrate the personal triumphs of its stars.

The Challenge

Each&everyone, Pimento Member Agency, were tasked with the mission to broaden the audience base for the Women’s Handball Championships. The campaign aimed to leverage the compelling narrative of Nora Mørk, a distinguished player, to elevate the sport’s visibility and spark interest among new demographics.

Our Approach

Audience Insights and Strategic Targeting: Each&everyone commenced the campaign with a comprehensive analysis of the EHF’s current audience engagement. Utilising Nora Mørk’s story as a focal point, the team identified and targeted specific communities through an amalgamation of lookalike audiences and interest-based segments.

Influencer Engagement: Influencers with a proven passion for women’s handball or those advocating for women’s sports were recruited to share Nora Mørk’s inspiring journey. This approach ensured that the narrative remained authentic and resonated deeply with the audience, showcasing the aspirational path of a woman reaching the zenith of her sport.

Content Amplification and Engagement: Following the initial phase of raising awareness with the Handball Diaries series, the influencers then guided their followers towards the ongoing championships. They motivated their audience to engage with the live games and participate in the climax of the championship season, thus enhancing viewership and involvement with the Women’s Handball Championships.


  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media


  • Cost Per Engagement (CPE): Achieved at £0.03, indicating high efficiency in engaging audiences.
  • Average Engagement Rate: Stood at 10.09%, showcasing the content’s ability to captivate and involve the target demographic.
  • Content Production: A total of 21 pieces of content were crafted, each contributing to the narrative and goals of the campaign, effectively broadening the audience base.

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