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Amplifying the Eden Project’s voice as a pioneer on the path to a sustainable future.

Disciplines covered

Brand Development • Brand Positioning • Design

Pimento Member Agency, Someone, was selected to partner with the Eden Project to innovate a fresh approach for engaging a broader audience. This redefined strategy, themed ‘Converting challenges into opportunities’, integrates all aspects of the organisation and is deeply rooted in its core essence.

The Challenge

In an industry rife with frustration, the Eden Project embarks on a monumental task: tackling the crucial issue of our planet’s crisis.

Despite the daunting nature of this challenge, collective effort makes it a surmountable one.

This project aims to solidify the Eden Project’s role as a key influencer in the environmental sector.

This matter is urgent, with imminent risks to everyone. Time is of the essence.

This transformative rebranding, a first in their 22-year journey, revitalises their visual presence and firmly establishes their distinct, constructive perspective in environmental conversations.

Our Approach:

Pimento Member Agency, Someone, was selected as the agency to develop the new brand world and new identity to help amplify the Eden Project’s voice as a pioneer on the path to a sustainable future.


  • Animation
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Implementation
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Strategy

Drawing inspiration from natural shapes and the concept of metamorphosis, the revamped brand mirrors the elegance of the natural environment.

Echoing the notion that nature lacks straight lines, the brand’s design features curved lines consistently across all elements, from the logo to various properties and illustrations.