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Disciplines covered

Brand Development • Brand Partnership

Feather Down Farm Days defined the glamorous camping sector in the UK. A select Pimento team worked together to create comprehensive brand guidelines and brand partnerships

In just 3 short years it established a network of farms across the British Isles and a high quality brand image with a very AB clientele. Its business success relied on a consistent branded experience with local flavour, in many respects similar to the challenges faced by larger International brands. This freedom in a framework extended to its engagement with third party brands who wished to cross promote with Feather Down.

Feather Down customers were fiercely protective of their brand and business success had been through WOM marketing, web and social media and carefully selected third party promotions.

Pimento created comprehensive brand guidelines; identified like-minded brands to cross promote with, developed internal communications material and helped in the development of the brand with brand extensions.

Today Feather Down boasts over 61 farms in 5 markets and following the successful sale of the brand to a management buy in from Centre Parcs in Feather Down looks set for further expansion.