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Enhancing search engine visibility through strategic and high-authority backlink building.

Disciplines covered


Fountain was selected by Fortnum & Mason to enhance their search engine visibility through strategic and high-authority backlink building. This prestigious brand sought to solidify its online presence by strengthening its SEO foundations.

The Challenge

Fortnum & Mason faced the challenge of enhancing their search engine rankings to maintain their dominance in the luxury goods market. They required a focused approach to building high-quality, authoritative backlinks to their product pages, which were crucial for improving their overall SEO performance.

Our Approach

Fountain’s strategy involved leveraging current and emerging market trends to identify opportunities for relevant product placement.

This proactive approach enabled the team to secure over 170 high-quality backlinks directed to specific product pages on Fortnum & Mason’s website.

By aligning their efforts with trends and ensuring relevancy in our link-building tactics, they were able to effectively boost the brand’s online visibility.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Link Building
  • Trend Analysis
  • Digital PR
  • Technical SEO


The impact of Fountain’s backlink strategy was significant:

  • They achieved an average domain authority of 68 for all new backlinks, indicating high-quality site associations.
  • Fortnum & Mason was featured in esteemed publications, including Vanity Fair and The Telegraph, enhancing their brand reputation and reach.
  • The team also addressed and resolved over 8,000 broken backlinks, further solidifying the website’s SEO framework.
  • These efforts collectively enabled Fortnum & Mason to maintain a strong position in search engine results, continuing their market dominance.

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