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Generating Over 900+ Pieces of Authentic Influencer Content

Disciplines covered

Social • Social Media Assets

Pimento Member Agency, The Influence Room, were selected to partner with Hello Fresh to build engagement and loyalty by understanding what is most valuable and motivating for customers.

The Challenge

HelloFresh, leveraging an in-house team dedicated to crafting campaigns with macro-influencers, aimed to expand their engagement strategy by increasing collaborations with micro-influencers, with the goal of broadening their audience reach.

Our approach

Pimento Member, The Influence Room, crafted a response based on:

Quality Content

Through the strategic use of reels and concise stories, HelloFresh succeeded in gathering content that was not only authentic but also highly engaging. This approach effectively guided their audience through a series of distinctive culinary adventures, showcasing the quality and diversity of their offerings.


Although working with a large number of micro-influencers was initially demanding in terms of time, utilising The Influence Room’s management subscription significantly optimised the workflow. This enhancement led to more streamlined operations, thereby boosting the efficiency of HelloFresh’s marketing campaigns.

User Generated Content

Creating a collection of User-Generated Content (UGC) acts as a form of social proof, effectively showcasing the genuine benefits of subscribing to HelloFresh’s service.


  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media


1.7m reach

£120k earned media value

1.8m impressions

903 pieces of content

Key takeways

Through partnerships with a vast network of brand enthusiasts, HelloFresh garnered more than 900 pieces of authentic, high-quality content. This strategy was part of a broader initiative to augment the pool of content that could be repurposed, thereby enhancing brand visibility and contributing to a rise in the number of HelloFresh subscription registrations.

Additionally, streamlining the process for gifting played a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of HelloFresh’s marketing efforts. By setting forth precise guidelines and emphasising core messages in their campaign briefs, the brand successfully maintained consistency across the content generated.