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Enhancing SEO visibility across new keyword territories and amplifying sales through refined Paid Social strategies

Disciplines covered

Advertising • Customer Insight • Digital Marketing • SEO • Social

This Is Digital undertook a pivotal project aimed at significantly boosting the online presence and financial performance for a distinguished client.

The objectives were twofold: to enhance SEO visibility across new keyword territories and to amplify sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) through refined Paid Social strategies.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to navigate the complex digital landscape to achieve an unparalleled increase in revenue and ROAS year over year (YOY).

The challenge lay in breaking into new keyword landscapes for SEO and optimising Paid Social activities to drive sales.

Achieving this required a deep dive into audience insights, product category alignment, and an innovative approach to content and retargeting strategies.

Our approach

To meet these ambitious goals, This Is Digital adopted a multifaceted strategy. For Paid Social, This Is Digital honed the targeting to align precisely with the promoted product categories, utilising a wealth of audience insights. They experimented with a variety of creative formats, continuously refining these based on their performance metrics. The retargeting efforts were meticulously segmented to maximise engagement and conversions.

On the SEO front, they embraced a data-driven approach, conducting in-depth keyword research and analysing trends to uncover new growth opportunities. Technical audits of the site’s structure provided crucial insights, guiding the development and implementation of new categories to enhance overall site visibility and performance.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Social
  • Audience Insights Analysis
  • Content Optimisation
  • Technical SEO and Site Structure Analysis


The campaign orchestrated by This Is Digital yielded extraordinary results:

  • A remarkable 1907% increase in revenue YOY.
  • A 243% increase in ROAS YOY.
  • A 108% increase in organic revenue YOY.

These figures underscore the success of our targeted strategies in SEO and Paid Social, highlighting our ability to significantly impact our client’s digital footprint and financial achievements.

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