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Capturing the imagination of the public and media through a viral pronunciation debate.

Disciplines covered

PR • Social

Cirkle PR proudly managed a campaign that sparked widespread conversation and debate across the UK: “Nutella or Noutella – How Do You Say It?”

In celebration of World Nutella Day, our innovative strategy aimed to engage the British public in a lighthearted debate about the pronunciation of the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella.

The Challenge

Crikle PR’s mission was to generate buzz and increase brand engagement for Nutella by leveraging a common yet overlooked aspect of the brand—the way people pronounce its name.

Surprisingly, a significant portion of the British population disagrees on the correct pronunciation, making it a perfect focal point for our campaign.

Our approach

To navigate this unique challenge, Cirkle PR embarked on a creative campaign designed to highlight the pronunciation debate.

They aimed not just to inform but to celebrate the diversity in pronunciation, thereby fostering a broader connection with the brand.

By strategically releasing our findings to coincide with World Nutella Day, they tapped into existing enthusiasm for the product, ensuring maximum engagement across various media platforms.

This approach was designed to spark conversations, encourage media coverage, and drive online discussions, making Nutella a hot topic of debate nationwide.


  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Market Research


The campaign exceeded all expectations, achieving a remarkable total reach of over 700 million and securing 100 pieces of media coverage.

The debate over Nutella’s pronunciation went viral, capturing the imagination of the public and media alike.

National and broadcast media outlets eagerly covered the story, amplifying the conversation to an unprecedented level and ensuring that Nutella remained a trending topic across social media platforms.

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