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Revolutionising OAK + FORT's Digital Advertising for Targeted Growth

Disciplines covered

Digital Marketing • Email Marketing • Events • Marketing Strategy • SEO • Social

DAC Group was engaged by the Canadian fashion brand OAK + FORT, renowned for their modern minimalist approach, to initiate their first major foray into paid digital advertising. The brand, which had been leveraging organic growth and word-of-mouth, sought to amplify its reach and harness digital avenues for new customer acquisition.


The Challenge

Despite a robust follower base on social media, OAK + FORT had not ventured into paid digital campaigns by early 2019. Their e-commerce growth was driven primarily by repeat customers, and there was a need to tap into new demographics to bolster both online and in-store sales, particularly in response to new store launches across North America.


Our Approach

DAC Group recognised the potential to scale OAK + FORT’s growth through a strategic digital expansion. Key objectives were set:

  • Increase e-commerce sales by attracting new customers.
  • Support retail store targets in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Boost attendance at new store openings and major sales events.
  • Track and measure digital campaign impacts on both e-commerce and in-store purchases.

Strategic Campaign Development:

  • Implemented an Enterprise-to-Local strategy to finely tune the campaigns according to geographical performance.
  • Utilised Facebook and Instagram for targeted advertising, deploying lookalike audiences while excluding current customers to focus on new clientèle.
  • Carousel ads were selected for their effectiveness in showcasing the OAK + FORT brand and products.

Event Promotion:

  • Developed specialised campaigns for promoting events such as store openings, using Facebook event pages and custom landing pages to drive both awareness and attendance.

Measurement and Optimisation:

  • Integrated Facebook’s offline conversions API to track in-store purchases linked to online campaigns.
  • Regular updates of customer data from point-of-sale systems ensured accurate measurement of campaign impact.

Email Marketing Revamp:

  • Conducted a thorough audit of the existing email marketing strategy.
  • Recommended enhancements for personalization, content strategy, and testing to improve engagement and conversions.


  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Email Marketing Optimisation


DAC Group’s comprehensive digital strategy delivered substantial results:

  • Achieved a return on ad spend (ROAS) tenfold the investment within the first 90 days.
  • Generated $4.3 million in revenue from 39,000 sales attributed to the Facebook campaigns in the latter half of the year.
  • Notably increased the ROAS by 150% within the first 60 days in the Montreal market.

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