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Redefining a brand's ecommerce presence

Disciplines covered

E-Commerce • Website Development

Oh Polly, a burgeoning British clothing brand, embarked on an ambitious journey with Pimento Member Actuate Digital to redefine its e-commerce presence and elevate its position within the highly competitive fast fashion industry.

With a vision to surpass the achievements of established giants like Boohoo, MissGuided, and ASOS, Oh Polly sought to create an online shopping experience that mirrored the vibrant social interactions of its loyal customer base.


Transitioning from a successful eBay storefront to a standalone online store presented a unique set of challenges for Oh Polly.

The brand aspired to develop a conversion-led e-commerce website that not only captivated its audience with an appealing design but also streamlined the shopping experience to compete effectively with larger retail outlets across the UK.

The goal was to encapsulate the essence of Oh Polly’s brand identity in a website that would resonate with their target demographic and encourage increased online sales.

Our approach:

To achieve this, Actuate Digital immersed themselves in the world of Oh Polly, spending a day with the team to gain insights into their design preferences, inspiration sources, and the distinctiveness of their clothing line. This deep dive into Oh Polly’s brand ethos was instrumental in crafting a targeted online presence.

Magento emerged as the optimal platform for this project, offering the flexibility and robustness required for a feature-rich e-commerce solution. Key enhancements included:


  • Ecommerce
  • Digital & Platform Development
  • Retail Marketing
  • Platform Development
  • Platform Expertise e.g. Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc.
  • Customised Design: A pastel-themed website was developed to reflect Oh Polly’s brand identity, encouraging visitors to explore and purchase their ideal fashion items.
  • Stock Management Integration: Integration with Linnworks CRM system allowed for seamless stock management across multiple channels, including eBay, Amazon, and the Magento website, offering a unified inventory management solution.
  • Social Media Integration: The incorporation of the latest Instagram images on the website showcased Oh Polly’s clothing line in a dynamic and engaging manner, enhancing the social shopping experience.
  • Personalized Customer Notifications: Custom out-of-stock notifications were implemented to provide a personalized shopping experience, ensuring customers remained engaged and informed.

The Results

The launch of Oh Polly’s Magento website marked a significant milestone in the brand’s growth trajectory:

  • Impressive Traffic and Conversion Rates: In its first month, the website attracted over 155,000 visitors, with a remarkable conversion rate of over 4%, demonstrating the site’s effectiveness in engaging and converting visitors.
  • Significant Sales Growth: Through strategic marketing efforts across social media and organic search, Oh Polly’s new online store achieved an astounding £2 million in turnover within its first year.
  • Brand Expansion: Oh Polly’s evolution from an eBay seller to one of the UK’s leading fast fashion brands highlights the transformative impact of a well-executed e-commerce strategy.

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