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Developing an educational gamified app with a personalised experience

Disciplines covered

App Development • Content • Customer Insight

Ryvita, the esteemed crispbread brand with a rich history dating back to 1925, has long been synonymous with promoting healthy living in the UK.

With a deep-seated passion for encouraging healthier eating habits, Ryvita embarked on a mission to address one of the nation’s most pressing health issues: the insufficient intake of dietary fibre, as highlighted by Public Health England and the British Nutrition Foundation.

The challenge

Recognising that optimal health is significantly influenced by dietary choices, particularly the intake of dietary fibre, Ryvita identified a critical gap in the average UK adult’s diet.

With research revealing that a mere 1 in 10 adults meets the recommended daily fibre intake of 30g, Ryvita set an ambitious goal: to double this statistic over five years, thereby impacting the dietary habits of over 6 million UK adults.

To achieve this, Ryvita launched the FibreFit campaign, aimed at supporting individuals in gradually increasing their fibre intake.

The challenge was to develop a mobile application that would not only educate and incentivise users but also be user-friendly for the campaign’s core middle-aged audience and attract new customers.

Our Approach

In collaboration with Pimento Member Vidatec, known for their expertise in health and fitness app development, Ryvita took on the task of creating the FibreFit app.

This app was designed to be a comprehensive tool for dietary change, incorporating several key features:


  • App Design
  • App Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile Design and Development
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Personalised Goals: Through an initial questionnaire assessing users’ fibre intake, personalised daily fibre targets are established and adjusted as users progress.
  • Comprehensive Database Integration: Utilising Neilson Brandbank’s extensive database, the app provides accurate fibre content information for a wide array of foods, facilitating easy tracking of fibre intake. Users can scan product barcodes or manually enter food items to log their daily intake.
  • Educational Content: The app offers a wealth of information on dietary fibre sources, benefits of a high-fibre diet, and practical tips and recipes, all color-coded for easy navigation.
  • Gamification and Engagement: To enhance user engagement, the app introduces gamified elements, setting progressively higher fibre targets and providing notifications and a dashboard to monitor progress and encourage daily interaction.


The FibreFit app has revolutionised the way consumers engage with Ryvita’s campaign, offering a convenient and interactive platform to track and increase dietary fibre intake. It supports users in several ways:

  • Enhanced Dietary Awareness: Whether users aim to increase their fibre intake or participate in Ryvita’s #30in30 challenge, the app provides a seamless method to monitor daily fibre consumption.
  • Support and Inspiration: With features like barcode scanning for shopping guidance and a plethora of fibre-rich recipes and tips, the app serves as a comprehensive support tool for users on their journey to better health.
  • Accessibility and Reach: Available for free on both the App Store and Play Store, the FibreFit app extends Ryvita’s health-first mission to a broad audience, encouraging widespread adoption of healthier eating habits.

Ryvita’s initiative through the FibreFit app demonstrates a successful blend of technology and nutrition education, making strides towards a healthier nation, one fibre-rich meal at a time.

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