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Leveraging advanced mobile marketing technology to boost visitors in store

Disciplines covered

Communications • Digital Marketing • Direct Marketing • Market Research • Segmentation

In a strategic move to increase in-store foot traffic at their St James’s flagship location during the crucial Christmas shopping season, Smeg enlisted the expertise of Pimento member agency The Grove Media.

The Challenge

The challenge was to leverage advanced mobile marketing technology to not only draw attention to Smeg’s high-quality appliances but also to translate this attention into actual store visits.

Smeg’s primary objective was to boost the number of visitors to their flagship store, aiming to capitalise on the holiday shopping momentum.

The task at hand was to attract a specific demographic: affluent family households aged 35 to 70 who owned their homes. This target audience was identified as most likely to be interested in Smeg’s premium kitchen products.

The campaign needed to be highly targeted and efficient to ensure that potential customers within a reasonable distance from the store were reached and motivated to visit.

Our approach

Pimento Member Agency, The Grove Media, initiated a sophisticated drive-to-store campaign. This campaign was underpinned by cutting-edge technology which optimised real-time visitations.

Our approach was twofold:


  • Advertising
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Segmentation
  • Digital Media
  • Audience Segmentation: The Grove Media crafted two distinct audience clusters for targeting, focusing on highly affluent family households and homeowners within a 30-minute drive time of the Smeg flagship store, as well as those residing in affluent suburbs of London.
  • Creative and Targeted Advertising: Utilising a mix of audience insights, historical behaviour, and location-based data, The Grove Media launched a series of engaging mobile ad creatives, including banner animations, MPU (Mid-Page Unit) videos, and interstitial videos. This diverse media mix was designed to captivate the target audience and embody the Smeg brand’s essence effectively.


The campaign yielded impressive outcomes, significantly enhancing in-store traffic and engagement with the Smeg brand:

  • Reach and Engagement: Over 174,000 users were exposed to the campaign, achieving a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.6%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 0.2-0.5%.
  • Store Locator Visits: The campaign directly contributed to over 1,800 arrivals on the Smeg store locator page, indicating a high level of interest in visiting the store.
  • Footfall Uplift: A remarkable 43% uplift in store footfall was observed, outperforming the industry median of 24%, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in driving physical store visits.
  • Travel Distance: On average, visitors traveled 10km to visit the store, reflecting the campaign’s success in attracting visitors from both near and far.
  • Cost Efficiency: The campaign achieved below-industry benchmark cost per visit, showcasing the financial efficacy of the drive-to-store strategy.

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