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Revamping a brand identity with a fresh, dynamic logo and cohesive visual strategy.

Disciplines covered

Brand Development • Brand Positioning • Design

xHeight embarked on a transformative journey with Urban eBikes, the premier destination for top-tier European electric bikes, electric scooters, and speed pedelecs in the UK. This collaboration aimed to rejuvenate the brand’s identity, aligning it more closely with the vibrancy and forward momentum inherent to their product range.

The Challenge

Urban eBikes sought a rejuvenated brand identity that mirrored the dynamism and vitality of both the brand and its offerings.

The objective was to develop a visual language that communicated the essence of movement and innovation, distinguishing Urban eBikes in a competitive market while maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality and European craftsmanship.

Our approach

xHeight’s strategy centred on a minimalist yet impactful typographical treatment of the Urban eBikes name, ensuring clarity and brand recognition. The design was energised with a ‘Go Faster’ lightning effect on the letter ‘e’, injecting a sense of speed and agility into the logo. This distinctive design element became a focal point in Urban eBikes’ marketing materials, symbolising both the electric nature of the products and the brand’s dynamic approach to mobility. The new identity was seamlessly integrated across various brand touchpoints, including stationery, vehicle wraps, bike graphics, and staff uniforms, establishing a cohesive and recognisable brand presence.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Uniform Design


The revamped brand identity expertly crafted by xHeight has significantly elevated Urban eBikes’ market position. The fresh, dynamic logo and cohesive visual strategy have enhanced brand visibility and appeal, resonating with both new and existing customers.

The introduction of the ‘Go Faster’ lightning effect has not only emphasised the electric aspect of the products but also effectively communicated the brand’s ethos of speed, efficiency, and innovation.

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