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Enhancing B2B Lead Quality for Global Enterprise Communication Solutions

Disciplines covered

Content • Data Analytics • Digital Marketing • Marketing Strategy • SEO

DAC Group was enlisted by XMedius, a global leader in secure and unified enterprise communications, to tackle the challenge of improving the quality of their B2B leads and optimising their return on media investment

The Challenge

Xmedius faced issues with a long purchasing cycle and an influx of low-quality leads that failed to convert into sales quotes, despite a robust volume. The need was to refine their lead generation strategy to target more relevant, sales-qualified leads that could enhance business opportunities.

Our Approach

DAC Group undertook a comprehensive overhaul of XMedius’s paid search strategies to better target high-quality business leads:

  • SEM Account Restructuring: They initiated an audit and complete restructuring of XMedius’s SEM accounts to centralize data, streamline processes, and ensure that spending was focused on high-return strategies.
  • Optimization of Campaigns: The campaigns were refined with a focus on enterprise-level solutions, involving:
    • Removal of non-performing keywords and optimisation of ad copies to align with targeted landing pages.
    • Enhanced targeting using Google’s audience capabilities to focus on enterprise-level clients.
    • Redesign of lead forms to accept only business-related emails, increasing the quality of lead capture.
  • Focused Campaign Management: They concentrated efforts on the most effective channels and tactics, optimising ad copies and landing pages specifically for enterprise clients, and closely monitoring the performance to continuously refine the approach.
  • Advanced Lead Qualification: A robust lead qualification process was established in collaboration with XMedius to rate the quality of each incoming lead, focusing the reporting on real sales-qualified leads using advanced analytics tools like Supermetrics and Google Data Studio.


  • Digital Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Analytics and Marketing Science
  • Data Management and Optimisation
  • Content and Ad Copy Optimisation


The strategic overhaul by DAC Group led to significant improvements in lead quality and campaign performance:

  • 50% Improvement in generating business-specific leads, focusing on B2B engagement.
  • 44% Increase in conversion rates for sales-qualified leads, ensuring that more leads were likely to result in sales.
  • Potential ROAS of 300%, marking a substantial return on investment from new campaigns, compared to previously ineffective efforts.

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