A Covid-19 Marketing Strategy Playbook

The initial panic is over. We’re now in a period of adjustment, the ‘new normal’ as it has been dubbed, where DIY searches are through the roof and flights searches have all but disappeared. Whatever impact Covid-19 has had on your business, it is inevitable that there will have been some changes to how consumers […]

Change your mindset to deliver true customer-centricity

With modern technology developing at such a lighting fast pace, it is easy to cower in the face of this new domineering force impacting all our lives. For marketers, fear of this unknown needs to be replaced by a willingness to embrace change. First and foremost it requires an adaptable rather than traditional mindset. A […]

How Can Agile Marketing Improve Organisational Design?

Why do I feel like I can rely on my CFO more than on my CMO? Why does the marketing team always seem to underdeliver? Why are they so focused on social media and digital campaigns, when they should be thinking about boosting sales? If you’re a CEO, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions a […]