3 Tips for creating blog content that people stop to read

Struggling to create relevant blog content that people engage with? Adam Benzecrit, founder of inflo.Ai, an AI driven digital content creation agency and Pimento member, has some advice for those businesses struggling to establish and sustain online visibility. In a time when creating relevant content is becoming increasingly difficult, attention spans are shortening and the […]

Start-up and SME tips: Creating an effective content strategy

London-based tech company and Pimento member inflo.Ai use AI to help hundreds of ambitious companies achieve growth through content creation and blogging. Discover their tips on how to create an effective content strategy and why it’s more important than ever to be backed by data. Click here to read their top tips inflo.Ai is currently […]

The 4 IT Pillars of a Resilient Business

Be ahead of the game by considering Pimento member Agilis Technical Services’ 4 Pillars of a Resilient Business from an IT standpoint. For years, IT professionals and vendors alike have highlighted the importance of business continuity planning and disaster recovery technologies.  Some organisations have taken advise and made the necessary investments, not only to comply […]

4 Ways Modern Marketers are Using AI to Achieve More with Less During Covid-19

Pimento member Third Foundation has created an insightful whitepaper explaining how modern marketers can use AI to achieve more with less during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketing departments need innovative technological solutions to work through this time. The power to make rapid marketing decisions that are based on knowledge of outcome is vital to maintaining a […]