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Being woke, without going broke

11th January 2021 Branding, Customer Engagement, Sustainability, Virtual Agency

Ben Fitton
Woven Agency

Conscious consumerism

2020 has changed the way consumer’s engage with brands and Pimento member, Woven, looks into one consumer behaviour that has weathered the social and political storm of 2020: conscious consumerism.

 The creatively led brand engagement agency discuss the social, political and behavioural implications of COVID and Brexit in 2020 and beyond.

The article addresses the increasing importance of the ethical concerns of business and consumers, campaigns of corporate social responsibility and acts of corporate citizenship. It also explores some of the lessons to be learned from some well-known CSR campaigns that backfired.

Discover Woven’s advice for taking on the responsibility of ethical corporate behaviour and tapping into changing motivations below.

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