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3 Tips for creating blog content that people stop to read

19th January 2021 AI, Data, Social, Technology, Virtual Agency

Adam Benzecrit

Struggling to create relevant blog content that people engage with?

Adam Benzecrit, founder of inflo.Ai, an AI driven digital content creation agency and Pimento member, has some advice for those businesses struggling to establish and sustain online visibility.

In a time when creating relevant content is becoming increasingly difficult, attention spans are shortening and the audience has more information to process, it is more important than ever to develop a strong data-backed and human-centric strategy.

In order to do so, inflo.Ai has 3 tips to blog with more efficacy:

1. Know your audience inside out

2. Don’t save the best bits ‘til last

3.  Its more than just the words

Pimento Member, inflo.Ai, provides marketing teams, founders and SMEs with a bespoke organic data-driven strategy along with their own proprietary AI based technology to execute that strategy – all with the purpose of creating valuable content to reach your target audience, grow website traffic and draw readers into your sales funnel.