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4 Ways Modern Marketers are Using AI to Achieve More with Less During Covid-19

1st September 2020 AI, Technology

Third Foundation

4 ways modern marketers are using AI to achieve more with less during CV-19

Pimento member Third Foundation has created an insightful whitepaper explaining how modern marketers can use AI to achieve more with less during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing departments need innovative technological solutions to work through this time. The power to make rapid marketing decisions that are based on knowledge of outcome is vital to maintaining a strong market position. For that technological advantage is key.

The whitepaper will cover:

  • The modern marketer’s challenge
  • The modern marketer’s opportunity
  • The modern marketer’s solution
  • 4 ways to use innovative AI solutions to turn data into a valuable marketing asset: segmentation, forecasting, automated and measurability.

Read the short verison here
Download the long version here