The Unwritten Rule Of Getting A Guaranteed Return From Your Exhibition Investment

So you’ve followed the guides – you’ve thought about positioning, messaging, colour, promotion and placement. If you’ve put thought into your stand, and worked with a great exhibition contract stand builder, then you’re likely to have a good show.

Sure, if you plan and market ahead of and after your exhibition, you are going to get a result.

The thing is, many of us are guilty of just turning up to a show and expecting the traffic that’s walking by our stand to be interested in us and what we have to offer. And some will be. Especially if you’ve done all of the above and put some real thought and planning into your campaign.

But you could be missing a trick…

At exhibitions and trade shows, there is almost always a line up of key note speakers and seminars. This is a chance to get you and your brand in front of a captive audience so you can give them value and advice and say ‘Hey, if you want to know more  – myself and my team are on stand xyz, come and visit us’. It’s a sure way of getting interested traffic to your stand! So the rule is that for every show you book, make sure you at least apply to run a seminar or a key note session.

Get your voice in front of an audience and you will get more leads.

Read the original article by Pimento member Justine Buxton from Clip.

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