Marketing Trends for the Travel & Leisure Industry

As travel starts to go back to a sense of normality after Covid and we begin to understand the changes Brexit will bring, the next challenge for the travel and leisure industry will be the cost-of-living.

This year is looking to be expensive for travellers, with staffing and supply shortages, especially across Europe, and the cost of fuel rising, all having a knock-on effect. And it could be worse in 2023. The travel industry is having to work harder to support their customers going abroad, with more regulations and more frequent travel changes.

Yet bookings are up, especially in the recent months. People are desperate to get out and about now that lockdowns are lifted in the UK and the weather is turning for the better. Discussions from our recent webinar informed us that customers are tending to book last minute, especially if they are not constrained to the school holidays.

And UK destinations are still very much on the agenda, with people realising how much they have enjoyed staycations, especially those with a mind on sustainability. Travel companies are even starting to put carbon ratings on trips advertised.

So what does it hold for the rest of the year and in to 2023? What can we learn from the last 24 months and what can we do to support our businesses going forward?

A number of our member agencies have come together to bring you some tips, advice and insights into the travel and leisure industry, including travel trends for the year, tips for leisure venues wanting to thrive in a post-covid world, how travel brands can re-engage their customers by getting to know them and their own brand better, why more travel brands should turn on to commercial radio, and why you should make on-page SEO a particular focus this year.

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You can listen to our podcast episode, Travel, here; you may also like our recent webinar, we hosted three travel gurus to discuss their recent findings of the travel industry, you can view the webinar below.

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