Influencer Marketing In 2020: Trends and Tips

Pimento member The Corner have been at the centre of influencer marketing since its origins. From creating bespoke marketing strategies for brands, to managing some of the best talent in the business. In 2019 influencer marketing really took flight and as the industry continues to grow, The Corner wanted to share their top tips and trends […]

2020: The year of greater agency collaboration

Pimento member Matthew Williams, owner and MD of Quba shares insight into collaboration and why agencies shouldn’t try to do it all, but instead be a specialist in your area. Being a truly ‘full-service agency’ is extremely difficult and is unrealistic to assume one agency can meet all a client’s requirements. Due to the ever-changing […]

Five Reasons Why 2020 Is Going to Be a Great Year for Small Consultancies and Agencies

Pimento member Frank Durden, founder of Frank & Friends explains why he is feeling so optimistic about 2020, despite 2019 being a bumpy year in many ways. 1 – There’s an appetite for change and doing things differently, in part fuelled by rediscovering our collective moral compass. You only need to look at behaviours towards climate […]

10 essential things to consider when designing for voice

Voice design is incredibly currently, with more and more users adopting the technology in their homes and on the go. This is not only evident in the West either, with markets like China taking on voice design more wholesale where voice fits more naturally to non-digital native users who are coming online for the first […]