How to Leverage Digital Channels for Greater ROI

In our Digital Media Thought Paper, we bring together knowledge from across our network of independent agencies and consultants to provide snapshots and insights to help you gain an understanding of key elements, to help your brand succeed and engage with an ever increasing digital savvy consumer.  The paper shows that every touchpoint needs to […]

Helping Your Brand Stay Relevant in an Uncertain World

Consumers today have access to a wealth of information, like never before. They use their mobiles to research, buy, review, keep abreast of the news and to connect with brands as if they were the best of friends or, in some cases, the worst of enemies. In our Branding Thought Paper, we bring together expert […]

Choose To Challenge Gender Biases In The Workplace

This year for International Women’s Day the theme is choose to challenge. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and everyone can choose to challenge gender bias and inequality. Granted, this may be easier said than done. No one is immune from biases and sometimes we don’t even see ourselves or other people doing it. […]

3 Tips For Effective Website Videos For Your Business

You should already know that website videos offer huge benefits. Enriching your website with high-quality content, sending you higher in Google search results and providing better communication to your customers. What’s not to like? But you may still have an unanswered question… what’s the best approach for adding videos to your website? Pimento member, Stada […]