The Creative Industry Favours Collaborative Working

It’s been a strange time for businesses during the pandemic, but huge change is potentially afoot in the creative and communications industries. Pimento teamed up with PRCA, AIA and Harbour to create a survey for the independent agencies. Agencies are clearly continuing to adapt the way they function, with many challenging the ‘traditional’ office concept […]

4 Ways Modern Marketers are Using AI to Achieve More with Less During Covid-19

Pimento member Third Foundation has created an insightful whitepaper explaining how modern marketers can use AI to achieve more with less during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketing departments need innovative technological solutions to work through this time. The power to make rapid marketing decisions that are based on knowledge of outcome is vital to maintaining a […]

£3m of projects shared between 29 specialists to encourage collaboration

Pimento has harnessed the power of 29 agencies and consultants from the communications sector to create six, completely new marcomms teams – which are collaborating on projects worth more than £3million. We create bespoke teams drawing from our network of 200 independent agencies, 5,500 marketing specialists, covering 100 marketing disciplines. Since lockdown we have done […]

We’re PRCA Accredited

Pimento has undergone the process of the Public Relations & Communications Association’s Communications Management Standard (CMS) Accreditation and we’re pleased and very proud to say we passed! The PRCA launched their new version of CMS specifically for virtual agencies this year. It maintains the rigour of CMS while ensuring the criteria is relevant for these […]