Research Shows Businesses Fail To Communicate With Vulnerable Customers

Pimento member CDS, a communications agency with its Head Office in Leeds commissioned a piece of research through YouGov to examine how people feel about the communications they receive from organisations.

The 2019 Inclusive Communications Report investigates how some of the most vulnerable customers in society engage with organisations and queries whether organisations are doing enough to ensure the communications they produce are fit for purpose and meet the needs of their users.

Key report findings:

  • 67% had experienced a problem with the communications they receive.
  • 39% want to have face-to-face contact with the organisations they deal with.
  • 28% think communications should always be available in multiple languages.
  • 34% think there is too much jargon in corporate communications.
  • 40% think clearer large-print text should always be on offer.

Very few organisations are considering inclusivity and accessibility as part of their wider marketing and communications strategy. It is an issue that is moving up the agenda, but too often it still feels like an after-thought.

Therefore, this report aims to help organisations understand the importance of delivering clear and accessible communications and, most importantly, the need to start considering users.

>Download the full report here<

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