Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

The principles of effective marketing will never change: marketing that stands out and captures attention will be relatable and meaningful, adding worth to the consumer experience. But are the recent developments we’ve seen emerging globally likely to stick around, or were the last two years anomalies?

Here are 10 Digital Marketing trends from Pimento Member, Beacon:

  1. Digital 1st customer experience
  2. It all starts with data strategy 
  3. Marketers continue to grow first party data
  4. Customer personalisation is a key trend
  5. Time to put a stop to ad fraud 
  6. LinkedIn is growing as a platform
  7. Move to web 3.0
  8. Content is everything
  9. Watch out for Metaverse
  10. Consider your digital carbon footprint

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Beacon are a Digital Marketing Click Fraud Protection provider. Their Click Fraud Protection software detects bots across all channels and blocks them on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search Ads, and Microsoft Search Ads. This empowers agencies and marketers to accurately measure campaign results and improve ROAS.

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