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21 Thoughts For ’21 Marketing Planning

12th October 2020 Communications, Marketing Strategy, Planning

Richard Medley
Turning The Page

Pimento member Turning The Page shares 21 comms essentials for ‘2021

Turning The Page, one of the 200 independent agencies and consultants in the Pimento network shares 21 comms essentials for 2021 marketing success.

We all know that the new rules, needs, outlooks and opportunities around us need refreshed creative scope and recut strategic thinking.

2021 is here in planning terms, and there is much to soak up from the unprecedented playbook-free year that Malcolm Tucker would have some brilliant words to describe. Probably starting with`cluster’. ..

If you would like to read an expanded version for each point, please
click here for the book (short-version).

Some are JFDI, some require deeper thinking and investigation, others might form important challenges to consider.

1 Brand behaviour matters. Be accountable . Do the right things

2 Avoid bandwagons unless you can join credibly

3 Prioritise internal comms. Explain, share, involve

4 Use employees as part of your natural and external storytelling

5 Make your values external as well as internal, through definition of and action around brand purpose

6 Show business pride to build trust

7 Rediscover your ownable , differentiating fame factor

8 Up the live listening

9 Be personal in tone

10 Deliver quality over quantity in content

11 Micro target potentially loyal groups for high penetration buy in

12 Build and serve communities

13 Think local, it’s where people ‘are’

14 Deliver a sense of emotional rescue. Storytelling matters

15 Stay relevant and mirror the audience

16 Bring the (virtual) brand theatre . We need the colour back

17 Lead with sustainability journeys. This is the decade of delivery so show you are on that wavelength..

18 Build storyteller partnerships that feel natural, authentic and long term

19 Engage with everyone who engages. We trust listeners.

20 It’s not about awareness, it’s about understanding. The former is not enough in current times for current audience mindsets

21 Stay agile. Be front foot, topical, and less tied down . Because this year has proved the change is constant mantra more than ever before..