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Mental health at work with Michelle Morgan

14th May 2019 Mental Health

Squiggly Careers, featuring Michelle Morgan

On the Squiggly Careers podcast, Sarah interviews special guest Michelle Morgan from Pimento Partner Pjoys – a social entrepreneur, with a number of awards to her name including EY entrepreneur of the year. Michelle developed the idea for her latest business Pjoys after experiencing first hand what it’s like to mentally burn out and sink into anxiety and depression. In this thoughtful and reflective episode you’ll hear more about Michelle’s story, why mental health at work matters and what we can all do about it. Sarah shares her experience of being trained (by Michelle) to become a Mental Health First Aider and as always we include ideas, hints and tips for how and where you can learn more.

Listen to the full Podcast here

By Squiggly Careers, featuring Michelle Morgan from Pjoys,